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Our most commonly asked questions

When is the best time to get a 3D/4D ultrasound scan?

We find that the best images are captured at 27-34 weeks, however early gender determination can be performed as early as 14 weeks. For twins, the optimal time is 24-26 weeks.

You are welcome to visit multiple times during your pregnancy to capture bubs growth and development.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for the scan?


Preparation is key for a great 3D/4D/5D ultrasound!! We recommended drinking 2-3 LITRES of water EACH DAY for TEN DAYS leading up to your scan. We ask that you also please drink a few glasses of water 30mins prior to your appointment. A sweet cold drink like an iced slushie can help greatly to get bub moving for the scan. We recommend booking during times that you notice baby is most active.



If possible, please drink a few glasses of water 30mins prior to your appointment.

Is the ultrasound scan safe?

Prenatal ultrasound scans are routinely used to provide information about the developing fetus throughout pregnancy and are considered safe by the medical community.

Do I need a doctor’s referral?

Our scans are non-diagnostic, so no referral is required.

Will the ultrasound scan be covered by my private health insurance?

This is an elective non-diagnostic scan and is therefore not eligible for a medical rebate.

What happens if I cancel or reschedule my appointment?

We require 48 hours notice for rescheduling of appointments due to the popularity of our ultrasound scans. Your deposit is non-refundable if you need to cancel your appointment.

When will I receive my USB or printed images?

Your colour images will be printed immediately onto high quality photo paper using a high definition photo printer. Your USB (if included in your purchased package) will also be made available after your scan. If you choose to purchase any of our additional products there will be a delay due to online ordering and processing. You will be advised of this timeframe at the time of purchase.

What should I wear to my ultrasound scan?

We recommend wearing a two-piece outfit for your own comfort and easy access to the baby. We do not recommend wearing a dress.

Who can I bring to my ultrasound scan?

Friends and family are encouraged to attend your scan and we have a large screen for viewing. We want you to enjoy and share your experience with everyone; this is such a special time for you both.

With the ever changing covid regulations, please check your booking email for up to date information on guest number restrictions and mask requirements.

Why is there an extra charge for twins?

Scanning twins takes longer than scanning just one baby. The extra charge covers this longer time allocated for the scan. We will endeavor to get the best images possible of both of your little bubs!

Sometimes one of the twins can be shy and we may not be able to get images of one of the bubs.

Will I get medical advice from the scan?

Our scans are non-diagnostic and do not replace the ultrasound scans ordered by your doctor. We are unable to measure bub or provide any medical information regarding the progression of the pregnancy and the health of the baby.

How clear will my images be?

Many factors affect the images we can achieve, including bub’s position, placenta position, amount of fluid surrounding baby, and maternal factors. We aren’t able to guarantee perfect pictures of your baby, as some can be camera shy!

We endeavor to provide the best images possible on the day of the scan, and usually achieve excellent pictures. If, however, the technologist decides that this is not possible due to the aforementioned reasons, the deposit will cover the technicians time and is non refundable.

What if bub is being uncooperative for my 3D session?

We endeavour to get the best images possible in 3D/4D/5D of your bub. If you are less than 35 weeks and booked in for our 3D Basic, 3D Deluxe or 3D Ultimate packages and we are unable to obtain at least one 3D image of bubs face on the day, you will be offered one rebook session with another non refundable $55 deposit payable (to cover our costs). This is deducted from the total package price. If we are unable to obtain 3D images at your second session, there will be no additional payment due.

If you are outside of our recommend gestation for 3D/4D imaging (>35 weeks), we will be unable to offer a rebook session as bub runs out of room at this late gestation – making imaging very challenging.  If this is the case, the cost of your session will be $99 (i.e. a 25min 2D session) to cover our staff time. You will have the option of purchasing 6 HD images printed including a digital copy of the scan ($25) or the digital copy only for $10.

What if bub is being uncooperative for my 2D session?

Our 2D sessions are designed for you to see baby and hear bubs heart beat. We will always endeavour to get the best possible images of baby, however no free rebook session will be offered if bub is not cooperating on the day.

How far in advance should I book my scan?

We recommend booking as soon as possible, as our popular appointment times are taken quickly – just use our online booking form. We are happy to answer any questions via email or phone.