Gender Reveal Golf Ball Set



Grab your golf club because you’re about to take the most important swing of your life for a hole in one!

A perfect and simple yet exciting way to impress your guests as you find out what your little bundle of joy will be!

You’ll receive two golf balls, one pink and one blue. They come already assembled with a clearly marked removable pink and blue dot sticker to indicate which powder is inside. Simply remove the identifying colored sticker and tee off! When hit, the ball explodes in a spectacular puff of smoke that will look mesmerizing in person and in photos. Best of all, they’re non-toxic, biodegradable, and safe for the entire family so you can have peace of mind while letting the world know your baby’s gender.

Grab your cameras and phones, this is one golf swing that you will not want to miss!

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  • Set includes 2 golf balls. One pink and one blue.
  • Already assembled.
  • 40mm dimpled white balls (regular golf ball size).
  • Hit the ball with any club.
  • Non-toxic, non-hazardous, 100% safe and even gluten free.
  • Gender neutral packaging, meaning the product does not give away what the contents are inside. The only identifier is a small sticker on the bottom signaling “pink” and “blue” contents.
  • Provides a great alternative where confetti may not be allowed or preferred.
  • No Mess No Fuss! Quick and easy cleanup!
  • Suitable for outdoor use

IMPORTANT: Do not attempt to disassemble, modify or repair any part of this product. Do not aim at people, animals or into exposed electrical wiring. To stay safe and achieve the best results, aim your Golf Ball towards the sky. We do not recommend use by children. This is not a toy! Baby Beats carries no responsibility of how customers ultimately use these goods.

Note: Not suitable for air-travel as they contain compressed non-flammable GAS. Do not take on aircraft! This product can only be shipped by road freight only. Express delivery is no longer available on this product. Fast Shipping by our trusted Courier Service SENDLE delivering Australia Wide. Tracking number provided on all orders.

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