Gender Reveal Smoke Cannons Handheld 60cm



Inquiring minds want to know: Is it a boy or a girl? These days, parents aren’t just providing an answer, they’re revealing it in special ways. Our Smoke Cannons are sure to step up the drama and turn your gender reveal party into one your guests aren’t likely to forget.

Send up a smoke signal with our Gender Reveal Smoke Cannons. With a simple twist, the coloured smoke that corresponds with the sex of your baby billows out, surrounding you, your partner and your guests.

The powder is water-soluble and non toxic. All our Cannons are 60cm long and have been discreetly labeled to keep the colour of the powder smoke a secret. So regardless of if it’s a boy or girl, everyone will always remember the moment they found out!


DIMENSIONS 66 x 9 x 9 cm


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Gender Smoke Cannon

Make sure you have the best and most reliable gender reveal smoke cannons for your big announcement. The last thing you want is for your gender smoke cannon to fail on you, or worse. Gender Reveals Australia has been in the gender reveal business for years and we are here to assure you our gender reveal decorations are reliable and will make a memorable impact on you and your guests.

Our smoke cannons are 60cm long and come already assembled. Made from biodegradable materials, there’s no clean-up necessary after your big event! These gender reveal cannons are suitable for outdoor use and are non-flammable. After use, simply wash off the powder. They’re also environmentally friendly, so you can rest assured you’re not damaging the world your new child will be brought into.


Blue Smoke Cannon

Are you celebrating the arrival of a new boy? What better way to make the announcement than by sending up a smoke signal with our smoke cannon. The boy smoke cannon is filled with a vibrant blue Holi powder that will really shine against any backdrop it’s set off in.


Pink Smoke Cannon

Celebrating the arrival of your baby girl is an exhilarating moment in your life so why not celebrate with a pink smoke cannon. This gender cannon has a simple twist that will exhilarate your guests.

Our gender reveal cannons are:

  • One-time use.
  • Washable.
  • Biodegradeable.
  • Shipping is available by freight as express delivery is no longer available for our smoke cannons. Contact our team for any concerns over the delivery date.
  • Delivery of cannons is not available to PO Boxes. Only a physical address.

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